Got caught! Baboon imitates iconic scene from ‘The Lion King’

Disney movies are not necessarily just fantasies with unrealistic scenes. That proves the photo taken by Dafna Ben Nun in South Africa. On top of that, a baboon imitates the world famous ‘Circle of Life’ scene of Disney classic ‘the Lion King’ in which small Simba is presented to the African animal kingdom.

The baboon in the photo actually lifts her own young into the air, the similarities are striking. Just as if the animal had just watched the film. Judge for yourself.

© Disney-In the film, a baboon presents Simba to the African Savannah.

Photographer Dafna Ben Nun captured the iconic image during her journey through South Africa. She wanted to learn more about the local fauna and flora and was pleasantly surprised by the two baboons.

© Dafna-The baboon keeps her young up in the air as if she is imitating the scene from the Disney film.

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