Hallucinating images at Kabul airport: people cling to plane

Chaos and panic have erupted since the Taliban took control of Afghanistan. Images have already surfaced on social media showing distraught people trying to climb onto American planes to flee the country. At the same time, three unidentified Afghans who tied themselves to the wheels of an aircraft flying from Kabul fell.

Hallucinatory images are shared on social media showing people clinging to aeroplanes. Three people are said to have died after they tied themselves to a C17 aircraft of the US Air Force. Shortly after takeoff, the images show some people falling. For the time being, the report has not yet been confirmed by official authorities.

For now, the US military controls air traffic control and security at the airport in the Afghan capital, Kabul. Six thousand American soldiers must protect the thousands of diplomats and civilians who have gathered at the airport in recent days. All commercial flights have been suspended, making the few (military) aircraft that still take to the skies extremely popular.

According to CNN, military flights were also suspended for a while because of the people at the airport, but flights can now depart again. The US military does anticipate new actions if crowds continue to gather.

The two persons had tied themselves to the wheels of the aircraft. (Screengrab)
The three persons had tied themselves to the wheels of the aircraft – ©SS/Twitter

“Three Kabul residents who were trying to leave the country by hiding next to the tire or wing of an American plane fell on the rooftop of local people. They lost their lives due to the terrible conditions in Kabul.”

Two gunmen were shot dead

Meanwhile, it was also announced that American soldiers at the international airport shot dead two gunmen after firing on American troops. The CNN news channel reported this on the authority of a defence official.

The official only wanted to say that the two were armed and that they had not been verified as to whether or not they belong to the Taliban. The United States currently believes this is an isolated case. In another incident at the airport, an American soldier was injured after being shot. The circumstances have not yet been confirmed.

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