Harry and Meghan disappointed in harsh Megxit conditions: “All their plans fall into the water”

Meghan and Harry are disappointed in the harsh terms that the British Queen has imposed for the Megxit. They will have to give up much more than they initially thought. That is what Ken Wharfe, a former bodyguard of the British royal family, often came into contact with the couple. “It must have hurt Harry to give up his title, and now they don’t even have a trademark anymore…”

The duke and duchess of Sussex had estimated the revenge of the royal family to be far less extreme than it turned out to be. This week it was announced that the two should no longer use the ‘Sussex Royal’ brand. The brand name based on their duchy and their royal function.

A big disaster for the couple, they not only had a website built for the company but also applied for hundreds of patents under that name. They intended to use it to sell stationery and clothing, among other things. But the most important thing was that Sussex Royal should become their calling card, a trademark. That now falls into the water.

No titles

‘If it were up to Harry, he would have preferred to keep his “His Royal Highness” title. It hurt him to give up,” says Ken Wharfe. He does not believe that the couple is happy with their current situation.

‘From April 1, Harry and Meghan are officially no longer ‘royal highs’. On March 31, they renounce their titles. “It reduces his status a lot … But the consolation prize would be that they could still use the name Sussex Royal so that they would always be associated with their royal origins. They’ve taken that from them too.’

No brand

Queen Elizabeth did not think it logical that they would use the term ‘royal’ after they left the monarchy. They are allowed to keep ‘Sussex’ since they remain duke and duchess. But that does not roll off impressively. The couple is therefore forced to come up with a new brand name. “Without that name, they will find it much harder to start-up charities and bring in new work. Something they have been working on enormously in recent months.”

Never return

‘It also seems to me that they would rather have kept their office in Buckingham Palace,’ Wharfe continues. “But that too was not an option. All their staff had to leave the avenue and now they no longer have executive power in the palace. That also means that it will be extremely complicated if they ever want to reconsider their decision. It is now almost impossible for them to return to their place in the royal family.”

Harry and Meghan disappointed in harsh Megxit conditions: “All their plans fall into the water”

Like it or not, the measures are coming. They will all be implemented on 31 March. At that time, Harry and Meghan will simply be in Canada, where they currently have accommodation on Vancouver Island.

According to insiders, the couple is considering moving to LA, where Meghan’s mother still lives. Experts expect the two to fall back on a life like that of Hollywood stars, steeped in glitter and glamor, luxurious parties and events. That lifestyle contrasts so hard with that of the conservative British royal family that the strict terms for the Megxit do not fall entirely out of the blue. You can be a celeb or a royal, but not both at the same time.

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