Harry and Meghan tease a dance in Cape Town

Harry and Meghan have landed in South Africa and proceeded immediately after their arrival to a slum in Cape Town. There, the duke and duchess of Sussex, who did not bring son Archie to the Nyanga Township, were greeted with cheerful drum music.

Two young residents of the slum got Harry and Meghan dancing. The youngsters also showed the Sussexes how the youth greet each other in the township. They showed the duke and duchess how they always give each other a double high-five first and then a ‘fist’.

In the meantime, the drum music continued to play cheerfully in the background and Harry tapped his foot a little to the beat. He challenged the boys to show their dance steps and was immediately treated to a South African rhythmic dance. He and Meghan then carefully tried to participate a little before they continued their way.

Harry and Meghan embarked on a ten-day trip through South Africa on Monday. Their son Archie, who is almost five months old, is with him, but the South Africans could not catch a glimpse of him.

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