He ended it but still contacts me: why

He can contact you if he still loves and wants to return. However, affection and regret that he cannot be with you are not the only possible reasons for the contact.

We have compiled a list of the most common reasons he contacted you after the end of a relationship here.

9 reasons why he ended it but still contacts you

1. He wants to make sure you’re okay

A broken relationship with another person or a loss of concern for them is not necessarily accompanied by the end of a romantic relationship. Your ex-lover can be curious about how you are doing to determine how well you are doing. For instance, because your family and friends are there for you and support you, you are able to adapt to all the changes that have taken place in your life.

2. He feels guilty

A man may have feelings of remorse following the end of a relationship. This occurs for various causes, including someone’s fear that he may offend another person and someone else’s realization that his actions and words were not always appropriate.

He could inquire about your mood, discover what’s new, send jokes, or try to make amends in some other way. There are frequent open discussions on the issue and expressions of regret for the circumstance.

Saying that you don’t carry a grudge towards him and moving on with your life are the two best things you can do in this situation. Even if your ex-partner promises that he will change for the better, you should consider carefully before accepting his offer to get back together with him and give him a second chance at love.

3. He is bored

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Most of the time, ex-partners contact because they are bored, particularly in the case that they generally do not have anyone to talk to or are unable to initiate a new relationship.

When an individual finds someone new to spend time with or begins contacting, the ex-partner will typically stop calling or sending texts.

4. He needs to “put an end to the breakup.”

If you ended the relationship due to feelings rather than logic and did not have time to discuss the reasons, your ex may contact you because he wants to “end the matter.”

He has gathered his thoughts, pondered what transpired, and wants to ask you many questions that will allow him to figure out everything that happened and cope with the uncomfortable sensations he is experiencing as a result. And also to get a sense of how you feel about him and how things are currently going.

In certain circumstances, men want to see if the relationship is truly ended or if it can be salvaged.

5. He wants to maintain the friendship

Some ex wishes to continue their friendship without any hidden agendas or implications. You may share the same group of friends, interests, and hobbies. And a man doesn’t want to risk losing communication with an interesting person or their shared circle of friends, so he wants to continue to be counted among them.

You are the only person who can decide if staying in such a friendship is good for you.

6. He is curious to know if you have anyone else

An ex-partner might inquire about your well-being to learn more about the aspects of your private life they were unaware of. Mainly if this information cannot be gathered from your profile on social networking sites or from those with whom you share common ties.

This interest can be explained for a variety of reasons. For instance, the expectation is that he will attempt to restore your relationship. If you haven’t found a new lover in a while, this is something that many guys turn to boost their sense of self-worth.

Keep in mind that no one can force you to discuss the private details of your life if you don’t feel comfortable doing so, in addition to responding to any prospective comments made by the former.

7. He is intoxicated

Alcohol has an intriguing impact on the feelings of those who drink it. It can make someone feel happy and comfortable, while others can cause him to worry or reflect on the meaning of life.

People usually find themselves in the former situation, which is what ultimately leads them to contact. The chat topic could be anything, from a declaration of love to an outburst of anger or an attempt to make sense of something.

8. He was not prepared to be alone

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Suppose your ex was not prepared to be alone. In that case, the change from being in a relationship to being alone after the breakup might be quite challenging for him, especially if you had lived together for a significant amount of time and had significant life changes during that period.

People who are alone for long periods frequently struggle with various anxieties and obsessions. And because they felt protected by their ex-partners, they went out to rekindle their relationships with those individuals.

9. He needs love making

Unfortuitously, there is a cause for this, and it is frequently disguised in the guise of loving messages or confessions. He just wants s3x. And, because finding a new relationship can be tough, the ex goes to someone he knows.

However, it is fairly uncommon for situations to arise in which he vanishes or negates all the stated words after obtaining what is desired.

You should not agree to a friendship s3x if you are not prepared and if you are unsure as to whether or not your ex-partner truly wants to reestablish the relationship.

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