Here is the ranking of the 11 most expensive cities in the world to eat

The tourists must have noticed, the cost of food varies from one country to another. The Swiss Bank UBS has just revealed the ranking of the cities where to eat is the most expensive in the world.

This ranking took into account local consumption patterns, such as the preference for tea rather than coffee in Russia, or the low consumption of pork in some regions.

It is concluded that the cost of food differs from one city to another. We do not know exactly the differential margin but does not prevent, you are warned.

Lovers of travel and discoveries, once in these cities, prepare your checkbooks well not to be surprised at the time of the bill. Here for you in increasing order, the ranking of the 11 cities where to satiate is expensive.

1- Geneva ($706)
In this Swiss city located at the edge of a lake, eating will cost you 706 dollars.

2- Zurich ($629)
The business center of all the bankers in the world offers you a gastronomy from 629 dollars

3- Seoul ($593)
Visiting the capital of North Korea, you can enjoy dishes with a budget of 593 dollars minimum

4- Tokyo ($529)
Between modern and traditional cultures, you can just expect 529 dollars

5- Copenhagen ($501)
The capital of Denmark allows you to eat for 501 dollars

6- Oslo ($499)
This city of Norway is a tourist gold mine. To eat there, plan a budget of 499 dollars.

7- Seven-New York ($479)
Several great restaurants are referenced in this city. And with at least 479 dollars you will be satisfied

8- Chicago ($474)
It’s the same for the city of Chicago except that the cost drops by $5. Which is not at all negligible.

9- Kuala Lumpur ($444)
In a restaurant in this city of Malaysia you are entitled to a full meal if you pay 444 dollars

10- Taipei ($439)
Do you want to eat Japanese? Your solo addition will make $439

11- Paris ($426)
It is said that Paris is a very romantic city, if you are there for your honeymoon, it will have to put the mouths double.

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