HIV test is compulsory to join Ogun Amotekun corps

As the Ogun State government starts recruiting officers for its Amotekun corps, interested candidates must meet some requirements to be qualified for the job. HIV test is compulsory! These requirements have been spotted on the state job portal.

The state government has said that a Bachelor’s degree or its equivalent is required for those applying for the Amotekun Asst. Corps Commander, AMT Asst. Supt. of Corps and AMT Supt. of Corps.

Similarly, those aspiring to the AMT Field Corps (operatives) rank must be holders of a Primary Certificate of Discharge or local vigilantes, hunters, and others who can read and write. It has been gathered that NCE, ND, or similar qualifications are required to be an Amotekun corps inspector.

Apart from academic qualifications, aspirants for the rank of AMT Asst. Corps Supt should preferably be an ex-serviceman with a minimum grade of Full Lieutenant in the Army and/or its equivalent in other security agencies.

Amotekun Corps Supts must be ex-servicemen with a minimum rank of Captain in the Army and/or its equivalent in other security agencies. In addition, the AMT pom. Corps Commander must be an ex-serviceman with the minimum rank of Chief Superintendent of Police and its equivalent in the Military and other security agencies.

It was said that candidates must be between 18 and 50 (except for hunters). They must have an oral interview with the board and have a valid birth certificate or age declaration.

The Ogun Amotekun corps officer must be physically fit and must not have any physical deformities. There will be a medical examination – HIV, tuberculosis, blood tests, x-rays, and other necessary tests.

Also required are letters of recommendation from two guarantors, one traditional ruler or a noble person from the applicant’s community, and an attestation from the Chairman or Secretary of the local government of the applicant. The application closes on Friday, 19 February

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