How do I text my ex back after a long time?

How will I text my ex back? And it has been a long time? It probably hurts when such thoughts come to mind, and especially if you are the one that burned down the bridge.

Text messaging is a quick and easy way to connect with friends, family and associates, even in situations where a call would be rude or inappropriate.

Getting your ex back is only hard if you make some mistakes. Alas, it’s effortless to make decisions when you’re battling the pain of a breakup with the shared emotions of lost, perplexed, and wretched.

How do I text my ex back after a long time?

You might find yourself flooded with the question, I want my ex back, but where do I even get started? Will my ex ever come back? And if it has been a long time, is it possible to get your ex back after a long time?

There are things to put in consideration before texting ex back

  • Why do you want to get back to be together?
  • Why are you texting your ex?
  • Why do you think it’s such a good idea to get back to being together?
  • What has been different since the breakup that will change your new bond (if you get back )?
  • Still in love with your ex? That you can do without him after the break.

Pros and cons of texting your ex

  • Don’t text ex when you’re tipsy. It’s just never a nice trick
  • Don’t do it because you’re feeling lonely.
  • Don’t be too sentimental.
  • Don’t start a scuffle to get his/ her immediate attention.

How to text ex back after a long time

  • Stir up his/her curiosity by writing to him about something great or exciting that you’ve done recently.
  • Send him/her a ticker to see where his head is.
  • Cultivate a loving shared memory to activate feelings of longing for nostalgia
  • Send him/her something cheerful and light to show him that you are in a positive place.
  • Follow the rule of no communication for at least some weeks.

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