How do you know if a man will hurt you?

How do you know if a man won’t make you happy? If you have doubts about a joint future with your boyfriend, then this post is for you.

Here’s what to look out for!

8 signs a man will hurt you in the future

He pays little attention to you

If you have forgotten the last time your partner gave you flowers, said compliments, confessed his love, or just called to find out how you are doing, then this is an alarming signal.

Try to tell the man that you do not have enough of his attention, and if you run into a harsh or cold answer, then this person is unlikely to be able to make you happy.

He puts his friends first

If he always prefers friends, football and beer to meet you, then you are not so dear to him. Friendship is friendship, but you should not forget about the relationship.

You have nothing to talk about with your partner

It is terrible when a man and a woman do not have common topics of conversation and only discuss gossip and everyday issues. If your chosen one is not interested in your life, it is worth considering whether he loves you.

The man has become very greedy (when it comes to you)

If at some point, the partner decided not to spend money on flowers, gifts, and cute surprises for his beloved woman but does not spare cash for himself, then his feelings are most likely insincere.

Perhaps it is convenient for him to meet with you, but he does not experience strong emotions. Or you just got caught by a highly greedy man.

He is indifferent to you

If a man does not care where you went and what time you return, what kind of guy called you late at night, whether you are warmly dressed, whether you feel good, and what you want for dinner, then he is indifferent to you.

Do you want to live life with a person who does not care? Most likely, you will never be able to become genuinely close people.

He is interested in other girls

If your partner does not hesitate to look at other ladies in front of you and can flirt with a pretty woman right in front of your eyes (or in your absence), then perhaps you are dating a womanizer. Think if you want to always live in doubt about his loyalty?

He does not need a serious relationship

He needs lightness and ease. He will be pleased with periodic meetings without commitment, after which he will go back to his own business.

Of course, a man who is not interested in a serious relationship would not even consider introducing you to your parents and friends.

It is possible that he is not ready to start a family at all. To find out for sure, ask him about joint plans for the future. Refusal to change anything means that the man is not taking you seriously.

He may change his plans abruptly without informing you about it

If a man calls you out on a date and then does not warn you that his plans have changed, then do not hope for a happy life together. A man who can refuse to meet with you at any time is not worth wasting your time on him.

Lies, frequent mood swings, sudden disappearance for several days indicate that he does not need you.

If all or several of the above points describe exactly your man, then do not rush to shed tears. Try to discuss the situation with him and talk about your experiences. And if he does not pay any attention to your words and nothing changes, think about taking extreme measures and parting. And do not be sad: you will undoubtedly meet a worthy man!

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