How Maurizio Gucci lives after 18 years in prison, who ordered his destruction

The international premiere of the film “House of Gucci,” which chronicles the love story of Maurizio Gucci and Patricia Reggiani, ended not in divorce, but in order for the bodily removal of the fashion house’s head, took place on November 9, 2021.

His ex-wife was convicted of a crime and sentenced to 29 years in jail. In 2016, she was granted parole. Following the premiere of Ridley Scott’s film, curiosity in a woman who vowed to violently get vengeance on her husband for the divorce reawakened. She also expressed her displeasure with the starring actress, Lady Gaga.

She was born in 1948 and was given the surname Martinelli at birth, presumably by her father, but she never met him. Patricia and her mother, Sylvanas Barbieri, lived in such poverty that the girl frequently went to bed hungry, and she could only dream of lovely things at the time.

When her mother, working as a waitress, met Ferdinando Reggiani, everything changed. He was considerably older, but he had made a lot of money in the freight transportation business. He not only married but also adopted Patricia, a single mother. And the girl realized that no matter what it took, she would never be poor again.

On the other hand, Patricia didn’t have to put in any extra effort. She graduated from high school and enrolled in translation classes, but the girl was more interested in breaking into high society than in acquiring a solid education.

She quickly became a regular attendee at secular gatherings. This strategy immediately yielded results. She met the heir to the fashion company, Maurizio Gucci, at one of these events when she was 22 years old.

Maurizio Gucci and Patricia Reggiani
Maurizio Gucci and Patricia Reggiani

He was tall and awkward, often blushing and humiliated, and he fell in love with a small beauty in a bright red dress at first sight. Patricia, I must add, responded to Maurizio with total reciprocity. He was clumsy, but incredibly attractive, and his surname suggested a deeper relationship. After learning who was paying attention to her daughter, the girl’s mother quickly declared her active support, certain that her daughter would be able to win the heart of Italy’s most enviable bachelor.

On the other hand, Rodolfo Gucci was not overjoyed with the idea of having a daughter-in-law who was renowned for her love of social gatherings and recreational activities. On the other hand, Maurizio defied his father’s wishes and married Patricia, giving her his surname. Rodolfo still voiced his displeasure with his son’s decision, but he gifted the newlyweds with a lavish condominium in New York, to which they relocated following the wedding.

The family had two kids, and until 1985, the couple’s relationship seemed to be without blemish. By this time, the pair had moved to Milan, and Maurizio had gone on a business trip and sent his buddy to Patricia, who relayed to Patricia her husband’s words that he would never return home, and their marriage had come to an end.

The abandoned woman, on the other hand, flatly refused to divorce her husband. When Maurizio started seeing Paola Franchi and still divorced Patricia in 1994, robbing her of the right to carry his surname, Patricia set out to avenge Maurizio. She didn’t like her maiden name or her alimony payment of $1.47 million each year. Patricia selected the most heinous method of retaliation: the bodily assassination of her ex-husband. On March 27, 1995, he was shot and assassinated by an assailant.

The investigation into the murder was concluded just three years after the incident, and Patricia Reggiani was found guilty of orchestrating it and sentenced to 29 years in jail. Later, the court took into consideration the woman’s tumor removal surgery and lowered her sentence to 26 years, despite the criminal’s request to have her sentence canceled entirely. The lady was not prepared to spend 26 years in jail and even attempted suicide before being freed.

Patricia Reggiani, called the “Black Widow” by the Italian media, was sentenced to spend her time at the San Vittore jail, where she was treated with respect. Unlike the other inmates, she was allowed to keep her pet ferret Bambi, as well as a pair of evergreens, in her cell. Patricia’s attorneys were able to gain this privilege for her in 2005.

She might have been freed on parole six years later if she had consented to correctional work. The former socialite, on the other hand, informed her lawyer that she would not begin working since she had never done it before.

Despite this, she abandoned her ideals and decided to work as a consultant for the Bozart jewelry firm in 2014. She was granted early release two years later for exceptional conduct and the lack of complaints during her term. Instead of serving for 26 years, she served for 18, and she promptly left San Vittore to go shopping. She couldn’t start her new life without new clothes that were appropriate for the occasion.

She could, however, afford a new, not-so-cheap outfit since, while she was serving her sentence, substantial sums continued to pour into her account in the form of rent from her ex-real husband’s estate and settlement for divorce. As a consequence of all of these payments, she had about 17 million pounds sterling when she was freed from jail. The money was spent by the daughters, Alessandra and Allegra, who were ordered by the court to restore it to their mother.

This seems to be the reason for their refusal to communicate with their parents, but Patricia Reggiani is unconcerned. They did not see their mother very much after her discharge, and there was no mention of financial assistance for her. Both heiresses have been married for a long time and reside in Switzerland, and Patricia claims that they don’t understand her and don’t see the need to introduce their children to their own grandma. Patricia also grumbled about being obliged to dress in Zara since her income had dropped significantly.

Patricia Reggiani’s current employment status is unknown since she previously warned reporters attempting to interview her, “I do not like computers, they are really bad.” She went on to say that the service at Bozart was not to her liking. The Black Widow used to reside in a townhouse in Milan with her extremely old mother. You may still catch a glimpse of her going around the city center or browsing at boutiques. During such “outings,” she is joined by her devoted companion, the macaw parrot, who sits on her shoulder.

Patricia Reggiani was overjoyed when she learned that Lady Gaga would portray her in the film “House of Gucci,” but the actress refused to connect with the murderer Maurizio Gucci, which infuriated her. According to Patricia, Lady Gaga was accused of lacking empathy, respect, and common sense.

Maurizio Gucci
Maurizio Gucci

Patricia Reggiani is approaching her 73rd birthday, and she claims that if she had the chance to meet with Maurizio, she would tell him that she still loves him since he was the most important person in her life. At the same time, she is certain that Maurizio Gucci will not respond in kind. Her ex-husband was undoubtedly avenged for her crushed love.

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