How to become truly happy

What makes you feel really happy? The job of your dreams? A fat salary? A love affair? A trip; An evening with friends having fun?

Yes, to all. Just be careful: The happiness they bring is temporary. You will feel thrilled when you meet yourself, not superficially, but in-depth. Recognize who you are, your needs, limits, stamina, and strengths, leading you to significant changes in your life.

Some valuable tips that will bring you a little closer to becoming happy

Recognize your motivations for change

“There are two kinds of actions—the one that pushes you away from something and the one that pushes you to something else. For example, you decide to move because your partner divorced you. “Is this change something you wanted anyway, or is it just a way to get it on your feet?”

Realize that it is never too late

“Do not suppress the voice inside you that screams for so long to make your revolution, to throw away what keeps you unhappy. Listen to this need, follow your passion, reconnect with someone you have lost contact with for years and have regretted or changed your career orientation. It’s never too late.”

Look to the past and look to the future

“I do not want to be macabre, but sometimes it is good to think of your life as if you were dead. Which decisions would you be most glad of? What would you like him to have done that you never dared? What things seemed so important to you when they were insignificant? Thoughts that will redefine your priorities.”

Do not be scared of your fear; embrace it

“Fear is the most significant deterrent to daring change. When you accept that it is ok to be afraid because, after all, who is fearless for good, you will feel a little bolder.”

Get out of yourself

“When you make a big decision, you want it to be the right one. That is why you can never be 100% sure. But you can do everything possible to walk on the right path. How will you clear your mind? Doing things that relax you and land you, but above all, do not cause you emotional charge. They help you take a distance from yourself and see the global view of the situation.”

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