Parents abused baby so much that he lost both legs, 5 years later he raises £1M

Tony Hudgell was only 41 days old when he lost both legs due to the abuse of his parents. Now – five years later – the British boy surpassed himself: he traveled a distance of ten kilometers in one month with his prostheses. The action generates more than 1 million euros for the hospital that saved his life.

The injuries that both his parents inflicted on him as a baby left deep marks. Some organs failed, and blood poisoning also occurred. Doctors eventually saw no other way out than to amputate both lower legs. Fortunately, the youngster ended up in the warm family of Paula and Mark Hudgell from Kings Hill (Kent).

That adoption gave him wings. During the past lockdown period, Tony learned how to walk with his artificial legs. And he immediately set himself a challenge: walking ten kilometers in a month. For that achievement, sponsors would put as much as £ 500 on the table, he thought. The counter eventually stopped at 1,189,570 euros.

The inspiration for the stunt came from 100-year-old veteran Tom Moore. He had brought a whopping 36.8 million euros into the British healthcare drawer by walking around in his garden with his walking frame.

Parents abused baby so much that he lost both legs, 5 years later he raises £1M

As a bonus, Tony also received a trophy that is awarded to a volunteer who has accomplished something special. “As a family, we are, of course, very proud,” Paula responds.

“He does not yet fully understand what he has achieved. With the necessary love and determination, you can make the difference; he has now proven that. Our prime minister also sent him a nice letter. Without a doubt, the icing on the cake, because Tony absolutely loves Boris Johnson.”

The Mirror, The Sun
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