How to mow a lawn and what size of lawnmower do I need?

Spring is just around the corner, so it’s time to get your lawn trimmed for the first time. Overview of the various types of lawnmowers currently on the market, and the pros, cons, and prices each time.

Robotic lawnmower: many innovations

Robotic lawnmower: many innovations
©Pixabay/Pexels – Robotic lawnmower: many innovations

Robot lawnmowers have been gaining popularity for several years now. You can find them in various brands, types, and prices ranging from around 400 to 1,500 dollars. The main advantage is obvious: you no longer have to drive your lawn yourself.

To a certain extent, they work like a robotic vacuum cleaner: during their first session, they map your lawn, including obstacles, into their memory.

Are you buying a new robotic lawnmower? Then count on at least a day’s work to get it properly installed. Laying out Perimeter Wire, a low-tension wire that marks the boundaries of your lawn, is especially a chore.

By the way, calling in a gardener for this is not a superfluous luxury: most of them are now skilled in the construction of that infrastructure.

Manufacturers continue to invest in innov ations. The most recent models now also work on voice commands via Amazon Alexa or Google Home. And the new Robomow RK mows right up to the wheelbase, so it also mows the edges of your lawn.

Electric push mower: affordable prices

Electric push mower: affordable prices
©Pixabay/Buntysmum – Electric push mower: affordable prices

Partly due to all those innovations in robotic mowers, the prices of classic electric push mowers have become democratic. Prices range from $100 for the basic models to 100 dollars for models with a large reservoir and a lot of power.

They no longer make a lot of noise (although they are louder than robotic mowers), and they are also easy to control. This makes them perfect for small and medium-sized gardens. If you have a larger lawn, you will probably have to dig up an extension cord, but such a cable can get in the way or be damaged if you mow over it.

rechargeable battery

Variants have already been developed with a rechargeable battery. Count on $400 for a basic model. They are also not very suitable for medium-sized lawns: having to recharge halfway through the mowing session is not very convenient. Many manufacturers immediately supply two batteries in the box, so that you immediately double the area to be mowed.

Gasoline Mower: Good for large gardens

Gasoline Mower: Good for large gardens
©Pixabay/Skitterphoto – Gasoline Mower: Good for large gardens

A classic that is now on its way out: the petrol-powered push mower. However, there is still something to be said for some gardens. They still have some important advantages: the power is usually higher, and they can handle large lawns because you can easily reach places in your garden where there is no power supply.

Those large wheels are also useful if you don’t have a flat garden.

There are also disadvantages. The noise, for example: petrol models go tens of decibels higher than electric mowers. The price remains relatively high, with minimums from $350. They are also slightly less maneuverable in the control system, and they require more maintenance. Finally, there is the ecological factor because this is, of course, an internal combustion engine.

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