Husband organized a party to expose infidelity of his wife

In Colombia, husband organized a party to expose the secret affair between his wife and his best friend. The husband’s action has received lots of critics on social media for his imperfect way of exposing the extramarital affairs between his best friend (Alberto) and his wife (Daliana).

The Colombian man treated the case of the infidelity in an unprecedented way because it attested that one can handle extramarital affairs in an extremely calm but forceful way.

The event happened in Colombia, where the man organized a party to which was invited all the family of his wife and one of his best friends, who is also married. The man’s intention was to set a trap and expose them in front of everyone.

At twilight, when the party was about to end, the husband chose that it was the ideal time to close the day with a flourish speech. After ordering the attention of all those present and asking his wife to stand by his side to dedicate some speeches, he asked the guests to record the scene, because what befall next would be very special.

The husband presents his speech by saying: “Graben, record a lot. Today I discovered something, really, I have it in my mind and I already suspected in my heart. Alberto, I know you for more than 20 years. You are a father, my great brother, and friend, but courting my wife is of little men! Here are all the messages that Daliana and you have passed on. Daliana is looking for a 40-thousand-dollar apartment and I asked her where can she get it from? But I know where she will it from, you’re going to give it to her.”

After those words, he threw the cell phone inside the pool. Immediately, the mother of Daliana refutes and persuaded that he was not worth exhibiting such manner to her daughter and that she is not deserving it. The husband, calmly, explained that what signified – not worth – was that Daliana and Alberto have done that. However, he also acknowledged them.

He continues: “I thank you in the soul for all the sincere and profound friendship that you showed me these 20 years and Daliana also, of course, these two years that you have shared with me, hypocritically. Alberto and Daliana have a relationship.”

Husband organised a party to expose infidelity of his wife

The guests began to leave the party at the uncomfortable moment, and even insulted him, to which he responded sarcastically: “I’m not worth it. The rude one is me. The ‘lack of respect’ is me. I am everything.”

The incredible event raised several opinions on social networks; However, what prevailed were many suspicions: “Could they retrieve the cell phone from the pool? Alberto if he gave the $40,000 to Dalianna for the Apt.? How did Dalianna marry a guy who wears those shorts? How nice when the letters of hypocritical and unfaithful people are uncovered ‘[ sic].

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