The most beautiful birds on Earth

Not only the well-known peacock can wear the crown of the most beautiful bird on Earth. In the tropical forests of South America, there is a paradise tanager, which is called “seven-coloured” by the local people. The lilac-breasted Roller lives in the African savannah, awarded for its rainbow plumage to become the national symbol of Kenya and Bostwana.

 You can see a small brightly colored mandarin duck, graceful swans and pink flamingos in city parks. Thus, there are many contenders for the rating of the most beautiful birds in the world.

The most beautiful bird on Earth

Pink flamingo

The most beautiful birds on Earth

The pink flamingo is a large, graceful bird. The colour of its feathers is admirable. Flamingos live in colonies in southern Europe, the Indian subcontinent and Africa.

They settle in shallow lakes, including salty ones. Birds feed on larvae, worms, small crustaceans and algae. It is noteworthy that thanks to the crustaceans that contain a carotenoid in their composition, the feathers of flamingos become pink with age.

Lilac-breasted Roller

The most beautiful birds on Earth

One of the most beautiful birds on Earth lives in the savannah of East Africa. The Lilac-breasted Roller has a very bright plumage: a lilac breast, turquoise abdomen, wings and tail. A dark blue stripe along the edge of the wings and a green head and nape set off and add contrast to the plumage.

This bird is so beautiful that it was chosen as a national symbol by two countries – Botswana and Kenya.

Blue jay

The most beautiful birds on Earth

This beautiful songbird is native to North America. The blue jay is so named, which has a plumage in blue tones. Its chest is almost white, but her wings and tail, especially in flight, are blue-blue with black stripes.

The jay lives in family groups but finds one partner for life

. The bird can imitate the sounds of other birds and even animals.

Mandarin duck

The most beautiful birds on Earth

The mandarin duck family has a bright colour. True, only drakes can flaunt in a colourful outfit, especially during the mating season. The ducks are coloured inconspicuous brown-grey so as not to become prey to predators when hatching.

The mandarin duck has an elongated crest on its head; there are sideburns on the sides. The bird’s body is painted in purple, green, orange, brown shades; white stripes on the chest and spots on the sides of the head enhance the effect.

 The duck lives in East Asia; it is also found in the southeastern regions of the Khabarovsk Territory, on Sakhalin.

Painted bunting

The most beautiful birds on Earth
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This small motley bird has settled in the temperate latitudes of Europe and Asia. It leads to a sedentary lifestyle, but it can fly to the more southern parts of its habitat in cold winters. The bird has a bright plumage of blue, red, yellow and green shades.

It was introduced to New Zealand, where the population is much larger than in its native places.

Golden bee-eater

The most beautiful birds on Earth
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This small bird with elegant plumage is a thunderstorm of bees, hornets and wasps. It feeds on them, catching right on the fly.

Moreover, so that the insect does not sting, first the bird rubs the hornet with its belly on a branch to remove the sting and then begins lunch. Packs of golden bee-eaters inflict great harm on apiaries, ruining beehives.

The birds have iridescent plumage; it is lovely with spread wings. The golden bee-eater lives in the southern countries of Europe, in South-West Asia, fly to winter in North Africa.


The most beautiful birds on Earth

How not include a peacock in the list of the most beautiful birds on Earth. A chic tail with dozens of iridescent spots, a blue chest and an elegant crest on the head will not leave anyone indifferent. Females do not have such a gorgeous colour and do not know how to open their tail like fans.

There are white peacocks; they also look great, although they cannot boast of bright spots on their tail.

Paradise Tanager

The most beautiful birds on Earth

“Seven-colored bird”, as the paradise tanager is called, lives in the tropical rainforests of eastern Colombia, Brazil, Bolivia, French Guiana and Guyana. Elegant plumage is inherent in both males and females. The head of the heavenly tanager shimmers with neon shades, the chin is purple, the chest and abdomen are painted in the most delicate turquoise, and a bright red spot below the black back.

An adult “seven-coloured bird” length is from 13 to 15 cm, so it may well settle in a home aviary. You need to feed her with bananas and other tropical fruits and insects.

Red cardinal

The most beautiful birds on Earth

The red cardinal sports a red and crimson bright uniform with a black mask around his eyes and beak. This elegant bird lives in the eastern states of the United States; it is found in the southeast of Canada and Mexico. Females are not so pretty; they are greyish brown with reddish-brown feathers on their wings. The crest is also reddish.

The females have a mask, but not so pronounced. Red cardinals sing beautifully, which is why they are often kept in captivity.

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