“I can not live without you” and 5 more things not to say to your partner

Your other half and you have been inseparable and support each other for years, but it is not because you can ventilate everything with your one and only that certain things you say cannot harm your relationship. These six at first sight innocent remarks you better not make.

“You turn a mosquito into an elephant”
Okay, you probably right. Maybe the nervous breakdown of your partner about those vegetables is a bit exaggerated, but at that moment keep your feelings to yourself. There is a chance that you yourself will experience a similar collapse (or fifty) in the course of your relationship. Sometimes, when you are tired or frustrated, you just need a listening ear (and your partner too).

“I do not have time for this”
Yes, your great love could probably have picked a better moment to complain about his work. But instead of bouncing off your partner, try to be positive and say that you will definitely listen… within half an hour. In the end you always find a hole to listen to your life partner, regardless of what you have to do.

“You really do this now”
Even if you seem to have the same quarrel every time, never draw the “always” or “never” card. Probably it is not the first time that your partner leaves the bathroom there as a hurricane, but if you say that it will always happen, the problem will only escalate. Tell instead why you do not like it, and how much it would mean for you or what help it would be if it did not happen again. Focus on the future, rather than the mistakes of the past.

“I cannot live without you”
It may sound very sweet, but there is a difference between getting someone’s support or being dependent on it. If you find that you need your partner for everything and think that you cannot function without it, it is high time to take a step back and realize that you yourself are also a person, with or without your soul mate on your arm.

“It’s okay, let’s forget it”
You probably recognize it: you and your partner are discussing something that is not even worth bickering over so you simply want to end the discussion quickly. But by waving away the conflict, there is a chance that it will reappear later. It is better to communicate about how you feel and to solve the problem immediately, however small it may be.

“Why is it so hard?”
Ask everyone: a relationship is not always rose fragrance and moonshine. So instead of expecting that, try to tackle the difficult things. If you listen, support and communicate about your feelings, you will feel even more connected to your partner.

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