I married 2 wives same day as a message to “cheating husbands”

Tom Junior Mako, 27, married his two wives at the same day of the same ceremony. The event is at the heart of the discussions in the Kenya.

The businessman from Kajiado County, south of the capital Nairobi, married Elizabeth Simaloi, 25, and Joyce Tikoiyan, 23.

The two young women are students at a local university. According to some reports, the wedding took place in a church, which would make it illegal.

The lucky winner and his two women

What the lucky one has denied. “I want to clarify things, my marriage was customary and had nothing to do with the church, there are people who publish misleading information on social networks that my marriage was chaired by pastors”, said Mr. Mako at the Star newspaper.

Tom Junior Mako, 27, married his two wives at the same time

He said he chose to marry two women because they both liked him. He did not want to offend any of her. “It’s a message I send to modern cheating husbands who claim to love a woman and have others next door. I am sincere with my wives because I will have no other reason to marry another woman, I think both of them will satisfy me.”

The two co-wives in complete complicity

The two women told the Star that they loved their husbands and were happy with the arrangement. “He is our love, we chose to do what he wanted, we are both his wives,” said Tikoiyan.

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