Hilarious “Idibala challenge” fainting song by King Monada

Which dancing step will end this year 2018? Anyway! We gonna end this year with Idibala dance a.k.a fainting dance or collapse dance. But before you faint or collapse ensure that the floor is suitable. And neat otherwise the Idibala challenge won’t be favourably go down well.

The trending song from King Monada and Idibala challenge dance is rocking a crossover the world. Malwedhe, of King Monada, who expressed his concern at home. Now, it’s going continental.

China is already in the heat of the moment and the star says he has since been invited to perform in the UK.

“This year, we, Idibala,” said Limpopo-based singer King Monada. His hit song, Malwedhe, which inspired the #IdibalaChallenge, now extends beyond South Africa’s borders and has been spotted as far as China.

He has also appeared in Nigeria, Tanzania, Zambia, Uganda and Kenya. Speaking during an interview on the eNCA news channel, the singer said he was now invited to perform in the UK.


Malwedhe means illness or disease in the Bolobedu dialect of the Sepedi language. The dance sees the fans fall to the ground in front of the choir and the words: ke na the bolwedhe bao idibala (I have a fainting illness), which has raised concerns about its potential to cause injury.

Though the lyric will give more light.
Makwela Makwela Monada!!!
Nna rena le malwedhe (I have a sickness)
Geo okhe Jola lenna, (if you are dating me)
Okhe raloke kago Nhlala (Don’t play with breaking up with me)
Nna rena le malwedhe (I have a sickness)
Wa nhlala odho tsosa Malwedhe ale khole (if you break up with me, you will bring up hidden sickness from far)
Kena Le Bolwedhe bja go idibala (I have a sickness of collapsing)
Wa nhlala kea idibala (if you break up with me, I collapse)

The #IdibalaChallenge seen at weddings in Tanzania

Idibal rocking in Uganda. 

Even the Ugandan TV show host Samsom Kasumba-Mulun on NBS Television is not left behind.

The Kenyan Sevens team rock their own style 

The Zambian Copper Queens, on their way to Abidjan in Côte d’Ivoire, smash their own.

The fainting dance is also have gone viral and performed in Nigeria

Even far to Asian country. China, which appears to be the first country outside the continent to pick up on it. 

And more other countries to join….

I would like to challenge you on idibala dance, below is the track

Download the Mp3

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