If you can’t drink blood, you can’t be like us: rich Ghanaian boys boast

Hardworking or Ritual-scamming! Some sleep inside a coffin, walk naked, drink blood, and young girls are missing. Rich Ghanaian boys flaunting different hard currencies, luxurious cars, and mansions online?

A viral video showing young men driving a convoy of luxury cars in Offinso, Ashanti region, while chanting “if you can’t drink blood, you can’t be like us” has raised concerns.

After the video went viral, some residents called on police to tackle the disturbing practice of money rituals and related killings in the municipality. Before the video was uploaded, two people were missing, including a four-year-old girl who was found dead.

The tendency to see young men driving luxury cars when the source of their wealth cannot be determined is at the center of the debate in Offinso, according to the residents of Offinso.

Some say some young men are seen walking around naked carrying coffins at night. These ugly trends are waving across the sub-Sahara region.

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