In his first speech, Trump reiterates that he has won the election

‘Rush was convinced that we had won’. Speaking on Fox News on the occasion of the famous host’s death, Donald Trump again challenged the result of the presidential election and Joe Biden’s victory.

A month after leaving the White House, Donald Trump was contacted by Fox News on the death of famous radio host Rush Limbaugh, a conservative right-wing figure on the air for more than four decades.

While commemorating “a unique guy” who had “extraordinary insight” and “extraordinary talent”, the former President took the opportunity of this speech to slip a message on the last elections.

In his first speech, Trump reiterates that he has won the election

“Rush believed we won, and so did I. I believe we have won in a big way,” Donald Trump told Fox News by phone. And to add: ‘I do not believe that it could have happened to a Democrat, there would have been riots everywhere.’

‘We don’t have the same support on some levels as the Republican system, but we have a great people as Republicans. Rush felt like we had won. He was very angry about it.’

Trump looks to the future

Acquitted on February 13 by the US Senate, which judged him for “incitement to insurgency” in the events of the Capitol, Donald Trump had declared himself now projecting towards the future and had promised to “continue” to defend “the greatness of the ‘America”.

“Our magnificent, historic, and patriotic movement, Make America Great Again, has only just begun,” Trump responded in a press release, once again posing as a victim of a “witch hunt”.

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