In Mali, 1,500 fighters lay down their arms

About 1,500 fighters voluntarily laid down their arms in Timbuktu, Gao, and Kidal, in the north of Mali.

According to the president of the national commission in charge of the DDR program. “It is verifiable in the field and we are trying to remove potential pitfalls,” says Zahabi Ould Sidi Mohamed.

The information was confirmed by Mohamed El Maouloud Ramadane, a coordinator of the Coordination of Azawad Movements (CMA), which brings together former Tuareg-dominated groups. “Despite the difficulties, the hope for peace is really allowed. I am in Timbuktu, and I can tell you that between us. And the armed movements close to Bamako (the pro-government groups), the atmosphere is friendly. Now we run to make peace,” added Ramadane.

He congratulated the national commission for the DDR program and the UN Mission in Mali. Disarmament concerns 34,000 combatants, said DDR national commission chairman Zahabi Sidi Ould Mohamed at the start of the operation on 6 November.

The implementation of DDR is expected to be another important step towards the return of stability in northern Mali.

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