Incredible, a dead turtle found in a woman’s genitals

There are sometimes certain stories that are hard to believe unless you are in the place of the main victim to understand things. Doctors in their perpetual struggles to save lives meet things that go beyond human understanding.

This is the story of a British woman who went to the hospital on the island of Tenerife (Spain) because she was complaining of severe pain in her intimate part, according to the site sputniknews which reports the information.

The doctors found at the time of the consultation a serious infection… which would be due to a dead turtle found in her vagina, according to the local newspaper El Dia.

During the examination of the woman, the doctor has discovered this turtle dead for a moment in her vulva. This death has caused a serious infection, says the local press.

The animal was dead and began to decompose. The hospital staff informed the police of this fact. According to Sputniknews, the Briton, who lives in Tenerife, said that on the evening of September 13 she went to a party with compatriots. After a while, she began to feel a foreign object in her.

The woman does not know how the turtle could end up in her vagina. The site that tells the info does not give details on the size of the animal.

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