Indonesia: A monkey dressed as a blond girl forced to beg

A video emerged from a monkey who was chained to the side of the road and forced to beg while he was dressed to look like a blonde doll.

He was filmed in Bogor, Indonesia, wearing the suffocating mask, asking drivers for money on the side of the road.

On his head, the monkey wears a giant female doll mask with blonde ponytail hair and sunglasses. Clutching a blue bucket to collect money, the monkey gets up and looks around the drivers, waiting for someone to be ready to offer a payment for his act. His bizarre performance is accompanied by traditional music. The unusual clip was posted widely on Facebook and turned the viewers.

Many have criticized cruelty to the monkey with a social media user commenting “Poor monkey! Chained by his neck and tortured just to please human beings”.

The incident is part of a traditional street show known as Topeng Monyet, translated by the monkey mask. It is a controversial form of entertainment that sees captive macaques forced to dress like humans and perform acrobatics like bicycles.

They are chained by their necks and online videos show them being treated cruelly as they occur to the public. Topeng Monyet was banned in the Indonesian capital Jakarta after a campaign in 2013. Many monkeys were unable to return to the forests from which they were torn off due to severe physical and mental trauma. However, practice continues throughout Indonesia.

Watch the video below…

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