What coloured Kelimutu lakes predict for people in Indonesia, and what is the secret of their water

There are three lakes in the area of the Kelimutu volcano in faraway Indonesia that are shrouded in mystery and are strikingly beautiful. Each one of them has a unique colour, and they all come with their very own story. These mysterious stories, in which the inhabitants have unwavering faith, have the ability to freeze the soul while simultaneously making colourful reservoirs an even more enticing destination for visitors since everyone wants to learn the secret behind the infamous three lakes. However, the great chemical make-up of these reservoirs is what most excites the scientific community.

What occurred following the volcanic eruption

According to the results of scientists, the crater lakes of the Kelimutu volcano, which is situated on the island of Flores in Indonesia, were produced in 1968, which corresponds to the most recent volcanic eruption. After the lava had cooled, depressions were created, eventually filled with rainfall. Since then, they have been steadily replenished because the wet season in this region often lasts for around half of the year, beginning in the latter half of fall and continuing until spring.

What coloured Kelimutu lakes predict for people in Indonesia, and what is the secret of their water

However, another story of the lakes’ antiquity claims that they are even older. As proven by folk legends, the old local tribe described colourful reservoirs in this region many years ago.

It is impossible to mistake this lake for any other body of water. They are one of a kind because their colour changes with time, going from blue to grey occasionally, then from marsh to brown, and so on. Additionally, it might be virtually white, crimson, or even black. And Mount Kelimutu is said to be the only mountain in the world where you can observe three lakes close to each other, all of which have water whose colour changes over time.

These reservoirs take on more enigmatic and alluring air because of the haze that often settles.

When you climb the Kelimutu volcano, it is hard to know what the lake will be like since its eruptions are unpredictable. The watercolour might stay consistent for many weeks, or it can suddenly shift. In recent years, the statistics have been monitored, and pertinent information has been put around the reservoirs to provide the visitor with a chance to learn about what colours these lakes used to have.

They are regarded as sacred by the natives

What coloured Kelimutu lakes predict for people in Indonesia, and what is the secret of their water

The Aborigines believe that the souls of those whose bodies perish in these bowls full of water are tormented by the change in colour of the lakes, which they believe is caused by disturbances in the other world


People in the community have put their faith in the tale passed down from generation to generation. People believe that the first lake is home to the souls of deceased older people, the second lake is home to the souls of deceased young people, and the third lake is home to the souls of dead sinners. There is yet another telling of this myth or fable. According to him, sorcerers’ spirits languish in one lake, sinful people in another, infants, virgins, and those who lived righteously in the third.

A few people who live on the island have the misconception that reservoirs can see into the future. For example, if the lake’s colour has shifted, we should anticipate significant problems for Flores and maybe for all of Indonesia’s other islands. Therefore, the colour of the pond shouldn’t change for as long as possible.

An old indigenous people group had the concept that the lakes inside this volcano were holy and should not be tampered with. This excitement is passed on to visitors, which is one of the reasons why, when they are in the area of these reservoirs, they are overcome with an unexplainable sensation of belonging to something significant and enigmatic.

Views of lakes from the perspective of scientists

The “colourfulness” of the lakes is explained by scientists in their own unique manner, which is to say, only from the vantage of scientific research. They claim that the meteorological conditions and the chemical processes at the bottom of reservoirs over a certain amount of time are the two most important factors in determining the outcome.

What coloured Kelimutu lakes predict for people in Indonesia, and what is the secret of their water

Specifically, the colour may be changed by volcanic gases that leak into the water from the depths of the earth through cracks in the bases of reservoirs. This causes the water to take on a brownish colour. They have a chain reaction with the minerals, the proportions of which are always shifting in lakes.

For instance, the reaction between hydrochloric acid and sulfuric acid produces a bright green colour, while the reaction between iron and hydrogen sulphide produces a red colour.

So that you know, you won’t be able to put your hand in the water since the level of the lake’s surface is much lower than the surrounding land. There were incidents in which individuals attempted to descend from the steep banks, but their efforts were met with disastrous consequences.

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