Indonesian ‘corona offenders’ openly embarrassed

People who do not take corona measures seriously in the Indonesian province of Bengkulu are publicly embarrassed. For example, they have to walk around with signs informing others about the distance rules.

Photos of this are distributed via social media. Violators are also forced to read parts of the Quran. “People in Bengkulu are still unaware of the importance of following the rules,” said the province’s authorities on the island of Sumatra.

“Especially when it comes to wearing mouth masks and com ing together in large groups.”

Indonesian ‘corona offenders’ openly embarrassed

Public “humiliation” for those who do not follow the rules has been introduced “for the sake of themselves and their families.”

For example, a fisherman was arrested on the quay for not wearing a mask on his fishing boat.

“It is stupid to wear a mouth mask when you are at sea,” said the man.

“There is no requirement to wear a mask on the water. If so, I would have kept to it,” the fisherman argues.

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