Inter-Togolese Dialogue: Release of the first prisoners

One of the main points for the continuation of the inter-Togolese dialogue concerns the appeasement measures, including the release of several detainees held in prisons throughout the country for political demonstrations.

The first discussions led to the release of some people as early as 20th of February.

According to several concordant sources, about thirty people left the detention centres of Lome, Atakpame, Kara and Dapaong to return to their homes on February 20th.

They all benefited from an enlargement decision, taken as part of the appeasement and confidence measures, by the President of the Republic, as demanded by the opposition.

The objective of these measures is to promote the serenity of the political dialogue, started on February 19th to get the country out of the political crisis that has shaken it for six months.

Dialogue Adjourned

On February 21st, seven more people detained for the fires in the Kara and Lome markets in January 2013 should be presented to the judge. He must consider their application for interim release.

According to the communique of the first day of the dialogue, 45 people out of 92 detained for political demonstrations were supposed to benefit from these enlargement measures. Discussions of the dialogue are adjourned until 23 February in the afternoon.

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