Iranian used limousine and private driver as a trick to enter England

A fugitive Iranian who thought he could make the crossing Hook of Holland (Rotterdam) to the English city of Hull with a cunning plan, has been disappointed. By pretending to be a celebrity with a limousine and private driver, he hoped to easily pass customs.

The 31-year-old Iranian Azhin H. and his two drivers made the crossing in October last year. Their plan ran smoothly until the English police stopped them, just after they got off the ferry.

It was only during this check that the Iranian came into possession of a false passport. In England, the three have been sentenced to prison sentences of up to 15 months, according to the news site HullLive.

Capital punishment
According to the security, the fugitive Iranian, in his own country overrides the death penalty because of fraud at the expense of an Iranian state-owned company and the sexual exploitation of young women but Azhin H. denies having anything to do with it.

His lawyer claims that he is an honest man who works in London as a web designer. That he used a different passport when crossing Rotterdam-Hull than his own, because he was afraid of being discovered by the authorities.

Azhin H. would have visited a niece’s wedding in the Netherlands. Whether the British are still expelling him to Iran is not clear: they do not have an extradition treaty with Iran.

Source: HullLive

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