Is Ali Bongo cloned? The Gabonese Presidency reacts!

The Gabonese presidency has denied rumors that President Ali Bongo has been cloned or was replaced by a look-alike.

Ali Bongo, currently recovering in Morocco, has returned to Gabon only twice, each time less than 48 hours since he suffered a cardiovascular accident in 2018 during an official trip to Saudi Arabia.

According to several sources, the president has recruited a person who looks like him to replace him while he was receiving medical care in Morocco.

Is Ali Bongo cloned? The Gabonese Presidency reacts!

Ike Ngouoni, the spokesman for the presidency, refuted the cloned rumor and spoke on these allegations. He says: “The President of the Republic was here in flesh and blood, which several people have seen. He went around the city. Some of them could approach him, see him and touch him. It’s a hoax. I admire the level of creativity, especially on the Internet, and the persistence of these cloned rumors.”

Since October 2018, Gabonese people have been constantly expressing their concerns about the state of health of President Ali Bongo because it has become increasingly difficult to differentiate between rumors and reality.

During his recent two homecomings, Ali Bongo had displayed a form so reassuring that many people who are interested in Gabonese politics evoked a spectacular metamorphosis of the President of Gabon.

A former minister of Gabon had even refuted this beautiful form of Ali Bongo, adding that the real President was not ready to return to Gabon. In any case, he [Ali Bongo e.d] landed in Gabon. The real or a clone? Is a mystery.

Check out below a video of his recent return to Gabon that created the controversy.

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