Is Prince Harry becoming more isolated? “Most of his friends don’t have his phone number”

Now that Prince Harry (35) is distancing himself more and more from his family (also literally), very few people are left to fall back on. His friends have almost all disappeared from sight, writes People. Meanwhile, Meghan (38) doesn’t let it get to her heart and enjoys her extensive circle of friends in Canada.

When problems arise in the family, most people can fall back on their circle of friends to vent their hearts and look for distractions. But for Prince Harry, who recently announced that he and wife Meghan would distance themselves from the British royal family, the cards are somewhat different. Although he was always a popular boy with many friends, nowadays they are nowhere to be found. According to American magazine People, Harry himself cut ties with most of his friends when Meghan was about six months pregnant – about a year ago. “Most of them don’t even have his phone number anymore,” says a source at the magazine. They understand that men often drift away from their friends after marriage, yet they hold a lot of resentment because they’ve been so close for so long.

Bad influence

It’s not the first time rumors about Harry and his (former) friends have surfaced. In 2018 an article appeared in the Daily Express describing how Harry and Meghan banker Tom Inksip and PR manager Astrid Hardbord slowly but surely got out of their lives. “Like a number of others, who would have had a dubious influence on Harry during his bachelor days, they dropped Tom, even though he now has a great wife of his own, Lara.” Tom was present at many wild parties with Harry, including his trip to Las Vegas in 2012, where he was photographed naked during a game of ‘comic billiards’. “This is all part of Meghan’s plan to wipe out Harry’s old group of friends,” the source then told the Express. “She doesn’t want any temptation – any temptation – to get in his way when they’re concentrating on having a family.” Entrepreneur Guy Pelly, the godfather of Harry’s nephew Prince Louis, would also have become persona non grata by now.

This was also confirmed in an article in last year’s Tatler magazine. It even mentions an ‘exile’ of Tom Inskip, aka Skippy. Both Meghan and the couple’s new, famous friends would have something to do with that. The article – looking back on one year of Meghan Markle – says: “Deal with the Clooneys, Beckhams and the people of Soho House (an elegant members’ club, ed.) and is attacked for being too Hollywood, for forcing your gutless husband to abandon his old country friends – including Tom ‘Skippy’ Inskip, Harry’s extremely loyal, silent friend, who – as they say – advised Harry not to marry Meghan. He paid the price: banishment.”

The only exception seems to be Charlie from Straubenzee. The gentlemen have been friends since they met at the Ludgrove Prep School and have been inseparable ever since. Charlie even became godfather to Harry’s son Archie.

Good friends

Meghan Markle doesn’t seem to have that kind of trouble by now. The American is still regularly seen in the company of her old girlfriends, especially Canadian fashion stylist Jessica Mulroney and American ‘Suits’ actress Abigail Spencer. Both women were present during Meghan’s and Harry’s stay in Canada last Christmas holiday. Abigail was seen on a walk with the royal couple, and Jessica is reported to have babysat Archie while Meghan and Harry announced their ‘Megxit’ in London. It is expected that both Abigail and Jessica will play an essential role in raising baby Archie.

Is Prince Harry becoming more isolated? “Most of his friends don't have his phone number”
Meghan and her good friend and stylist, Jessica Mulroney.

While Prince Harry is finishing his last official task as royal today (Thursday) by drawing lots for the Rugby League World Cup in the palace, Meghan is also doing well in Canada. After a previous visit to a women’s shelter, she visited the organization Justice for Girls that same day. There, she talked about climate issues and indigenous rights. Director Zoe Craig-Sparrow was delighted that Meghan came by: ‘The Duchess made everyone feel comfortable and had a very engaged discussion with us. For 90 minutes, she talked about our work and the rights of teenage girls living in poverty.” Harry won’t fly to Canada until next week to be with his family.

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