Is Thuli Phongolo in a relationship with Master KG?

South African actress Thulisile Phongolo, 27, popularly known as ‘Thuli’, has responded via a tweet to rumors that she is dating“Jerusalema” hitmaker, her compatriot Master KG.

Dating rumors started when Thuli Phongolo responded to a tweet from Master KG about falling in love with older women, which led the “Twitter Warriors” to speculate that the actress and musician are dating. But would Thulisile Phongolo, known as “Thuli”, be in a relationship with Master KG? This is the question that torments internet users’ minds for the month.

After the South African actress commented on the ‘Jerusalema’ hitmaker’s tweet, asking if it was okay for men to date older women. ‘Is it a bad thing to always fall in love with someone older than you as a type?’ Asked Master KG, to which Thuli replied, “Of course!”.

The ‘Tweeters warriors’ began to draw conclusions based on her simple comment on this post, but she immediately debunked them. “Apparently, I’m dating Master KG because I commented on his tweet! Guys, please respect me!” Replied Thulisile Phongolo, laughing.

She also tried not to give the impression that she disrespected him and said he was just a friend: “I love Master KG, but we are friends, stop it! Stop it”.

“Right now, I am experiencing happiness and peace! My destiny is leading me on the right track. I am so connected spiritually. My loved ones make me happy. My task is finished. I am gradually learning to manage mishaps with peace of mind. I’m having a good time,” added Thulisile Phongolo, for whom there is an area of his life that no man in South Africa can fill.

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