Israel breaks the silence after the controversy

Receiving on Monday a delegation of French-speaking journalists from Africa visiting Israel, the spokesman of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the State of Israel, following the reaction of the Palestinian side, brought its truth in relation to the controversy raised by Idy’s remarks.

Clearly, Emmanuel Nashon, who argues for “a compromise solution” still thinks that “life together will only create additional conflicts,” says dakaractu.

Our colleagues emphasize that to put an end to this “dramatic and bloody conflict”, Emmanuel Nashon is of the opinion that “it is better to separate amicably”.

“We love Palestinians and I hope the Palestinians do not hate us. We all love this land and the love of this land is something that unites us,” said Mr. Nashon.

In the end, says the diplomat: “This is not a quarrel of half-brothers, it is a quarrel of two separate peoples, distinct and different. It would be a big mistake to try to force us to live together.”

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