Italian invented a way not to get infected with coronavirus

Not getting infected with the coronavirus, how does a person do that? This Italian thinks he has found the answer via a huge circular cardboard sign.

This way, no one can get too close to their personal space. A minimum distance of 1 meter is used as a guideline to limit the danger as much as possible.

The scene occurred on the market of Testaccio (a neighborhood in Rome, ed.). “Why are you doing this?” A passer-by asked. “Against the coronavirus,” replied the man in Italian. “Splendid. I cannot reach this with my mind,” was the response.

Huge circular cardboard
Huge circular cardboard

The ‘creative solution’ provokes a lot of reactions on the internet. “I want to see how it gets past a door,” the general tenor says.

Italy has the highest mortality rate worldwide. At least 12,462 people have been infected, 827 of them have effectively died, about 6.64%. By comparison, in China, 3,165 people have died out of a total of 80,954, or 3.91%.

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