Italy threatens to “block European activities” after migrant dispute

In Italy, the radically right Interior Minister Matteo Salvini threatened to block “European activities”. The reason for the new outbreak of Salvini is an argument with Malta. Which he accuses of helping migrants to reach Italy.

“We have proven that we can defend our borders. And we will show that we can, if necessary, also block European budgets. And activities if Europe and certain countries continue to mock the Italians”, said Salvini today in Milan.

Salvini responded with this statement to a violent altercation he had on Saturday with the Maltese government. He accused Malta of helping migrants in the Mediterranean to reach Italy. The Maltese have given thirteen passengers on a boat life jackets, water and a compass, the minister said.

According to a source at the Ministry of the Interior, the boat would have arrived on Friday on the island of Lampedusa. After being noticed by an Italian plane in the Maltese rescue zone at night. On Lampedusa, the migrants would have told about the case. And those reports would have been credible according to the source.

According to his Maltese counterpart Michael Farrugia, however, Salvini should “understand that the boats at sea are not always in trouble. And no one can prevent people in the rescue zone from continuing their journey if they do not want to be saved”. Farrugia added that Italy renounces its international duties and conventions on the rescue zones.

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