Ivorian marabout claims to cause accident that killed DJ Arafat

In Ivory Coast, a marabout revealed that he had been paid to cause the accident that claimed the life of songwriter DJ Arafat. Who is this marabout who triggered the motorcycle accident that claimed the life of DJ Arafat on August 12, 2019?

The whole of Côte d’Ivoire fell into turmoil and consternation after an Ivorian marabout reportedly announced that he had caused the accidental death of DJ Arafat, a singer, songwriter, and composer from the West African country.

The death of DJ Arafat, a singer, songwriter, and composer from the West African country, was so brutal that Ivorians are still having a hard time digesting it.

And as if it were a question of moving the knife and adding salt in the wound, the marabout, according to the Ivorian press, specifies that the “order for murder” was made by three young men, on August 10, 2019.

“They told me that ‘They wanted him to have an accident that would make him unable to walk or sing. All I needed from them was a photo of the person. When they brought the photo, I caused the accident,” the marabout says.

“At first, I didn’t know the person in the picture. I thought he was a thief and a drug addict who was bothering people in his neighborhood. It wasn’t until I saw his image on television that I realized I had done something wrong.”

“I had no idea he was so popular. The intention was to make him have an accident, not to kill him. I don’t know if he really died from the accident or not, but I feel bad for having done this,” the marabout would have regretted.

While he would have realized that “the loss of this man touches many people”, the marabout “asks these three boys who came to see me, to come back to the sanctuary and explain to me why they wanted me to finish off this boy (…).”

“I give them an ultimatum of 7 days. If they do not come to see me, I will make their names known to the general public as the instigator of DJ Arafat’s death, and then they will join the young man in the grave”, the marabout is said to have threatened.

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