Jealous: A woman burn her co-wife with hot water [Photos]

In Senegal once again, a story of jealousy that degenerates. This is happening in Kaffrine, precisely in the neighbourhood Touba Bogo. Where a lady named Aissatou Samb, nicknamed Lissa was burn part of her body by her co-wife, S. Nd.

An act that took place, according to witnesses, after many fights and death threats from S. Nd. Finally, it was done by scalding her victim and beating her before biting her body part like wild dogs, view the images here (E-content) 1

and 2.

Alarmed by the cries of the young woman, the neighbourhood managed to save her. Narrowly from the claws of her executioner who took the speed of escape with, it is said, the complicity of her husband. She was finally apprehended by the police.

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