Kim Kardashian shares excerpt from a book that predicts coronavirus

Kim Kardashian West (39) seems to have her ideas about the coronavirus. The reality star shared an excerpt from Twitter from a book that seemed to predict the pandemic years ago. She also thinks we live in fear too much.

Kim Kardashian and sister Kourtney seem to question the coronavirus. The latter appears from a Facebook message in which someone shares a passage from a book, the pandemic is predicted, as it were. Kim shared her sister’s message on Twitter.

The book explained that by 2020, pneumonia would spread around the world. Besides, it will attack the lungs and airways, and existing treatments will not help, the fragment reads. It continues that even more striking than the disease itself is that it disappears as quickly as it emerges. Ten years later, the disease will attack again and “then disappear completely”. The piece in question comes from ‘End of Days’, written by clairvoyant Sylvia Browne in 2008. Fact-checkers confirm that the book does exist, and the photos have not been falsified. Did the writer predict the coronavirus?

Kim Kardashian shares excerpt from a book that predicts coronavirus
©Twitter/Kim Kardashian

It is no longer possible to ask Sylvia Browne herself because the author died in 2013, but the fact-checkers at Snopes think it is purely coincidental. For example, she may have been inspired by SARS, the virus that circulated a few years before the publication of her book. The claim that the virus would suddenly disappear also seems far-fetched.

In addition to the accidental prediction, Kim Kardashian also shared an overview of many threats the world has faced over the past 20 years, such as bird flu, ebola, and zika, which would “kill” us all. “The truth is that fear kills us. Turn off the television and wash your hands,” it says below. With this, Kim seems to make it clear that she finds the panic overcalls.

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