Klara Pölzl: How was the fate of Adolf Hitler’s mother

Much has been written about the biography of one of the most terrible dictators of the twentieth century. Still, Adolf Hitler himself carefully concealed that part of his biography that concerned his family and early childhood.

Thanks to researchers and biographers, the fate of the dictator’s mother became known. Klara Pölzl’s life is by no means easy, and her future is not happy. Fortunately, she did not find the moment when her son turned into an absolute monster and became a symbol of evil for millions of people.
From housekeeper to wife

Klara Pölzl Hitler
Klara Pölzl Hitler

Klara was born in 1860 and was the seventh child of Johann Baptist Pölzl and Johann Hiedler. Johann and Johanna were simple peasants and became the parents of eleven children, but only three sisters survived to adulthood: Klara, Johanna, and Theresa. Except for brother Joseph, all the others died in infancy, and he died at the age of 21.

The family was never rich, and therefore Klara was forced to look for work as a teenager. The 13-year-old girl was taken into the service of her cousin, Alois Hitler. The girl’s mother was the daughter of Alois’s half-sister.

Shortly before the appearance of an assistant in his house, Alois married. The housekeeping was entrusted to a diligent and diligent relative, deftly managed all the affairs, and looked after his uncle’s wife, Anna Glassl-Horer.

Klara was already 20 years old when Alois Hitler had a girlfriend, Franziska Matzelsberger. The wife did not put up with her husband’s betrayal, and at her insistence, a divorce was filed, and Franziska took the servant’s place in the house, who immediately got rid of the second housekeeper. Klara returned to her parents’ house, and Alois himself two years later became a father.

In 1883, Alois Hitler married a second time, but his wife died a year and five months after the marriage was officially registered. Recently, the young woman was ill, and her husband again hired an assistant, the same Klara Pölzl.

It seems that even before the death of his second wife, Alois drew attention to the pretty and agile Klara, who could compete with any job. She was meek and obedient, benevolent and even sweet. He was not embarrassed by the 27-year age difference and family ties with the girl. He even managed to get permission to marry in the Vatican, although the local church categorically refused to marry him with his cousin.

Fuhrer’s mother

Klara Hitler never complained about life and the constant absence of her husband’s home, who devoted most of his free time caring for and observing bees. After retirement, Klara’s husband loved to spend time at the hotel reading newspapers. Indeed, his participation in the upbringing of children cannot be called any significant.

Klara, on the other hand, saw her destiny in caring for her husband and children. Of her six babies, only two survived: Adolf, born the fourth, and the youngest Paula. Naturally, Clara loved the surviving children immensely, but her main joy was her son. Mother constantly emphasized his exclusivity, was sure that a great future awaited him, however, and could not imagine how famous and hated in the whole world her favorite would become as a result.

The mother of the future Fuhrer was a genuinely exemplary mistress: even the pickiest inspector could not find a single speck on the floor in her house, and the art of economy, which the wife of Alois Hitler perfectly mastered, even made it possible to increase the family fortune. She became a caring mother to her children and her husband’s son and daughter from her second marriage.

As you know, the mother always defended her son from the attacks of his father, who was afraid that his youngest son would grow up as lazy as the elder Alois. Klara Hitler tried to indulge any whims of her offspring and did not even notice that he grew up to be a complete egoist. She loved him so much that she did not see any flaws.

A woman who grew up in a simple peasant family tried to do everything so that her son did not need anything and received a decent education. In September 1907, Klara sent her son, who wanted to become an artist, to study painting in Vienna, to the Academy of Arts. Even though back in January 1907, she underwent a severe operation due to a diagnosed breast cancer.

And again, Klara Hitler did not complain, stoically endured pain and torment. Only in November of the same year, she still asked Adolf to come to her. Adolf took care of his mother for three weeks until her death in December 1907.

Klara Pölzl Hitler

Subsequently, Dr. Bloch, who was the attending physician of Klara Hitler, will tell that he has never seen a person so inconsolable as Adolf Hitler was at the time of his mother’s death. Many will later write about the Fuhrer’s colossal affection for his mother. Still, Adolf Hitler always wanted to be independent and did not feel the need for a close connection with the dearest person.

But fate nevertheless supported Klara Hitler: she did not see all the crimes that her adored Adolf committed. She was buried next to her husband in a cemetery in Leonding, a suburb of Linz. In March 2012, the city authorities decided to demolish the monument from the grave of Adolf Hitler’s parents. The initiative came from residents and anti-fascists.

The ideology of Nazism is on a mythical foundation. The purity of the race, the origin is the main thing. And the followers of the Fuhrer must be only purebred Aryans. Hitler’s ancestors fell short of the “master race.” And he did his best to conspire with his ancestry. Here are the words of Adolf Hitler: “People should not know who I am. They don’t have to know where I am from or what family.”

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