Know how to become a good ex

Very often, we get tips to become a good girlfriend but the instructions always stop there. We are often not taught to become a good ex-girlfriend. Today, I will give you practical tips for turning the page successfully.

Do not complain all the time!
Even if the decision to break does not come from you, you have to learn how to deal with this new situation. The first thing to avoid is to drool. There is no point in wanting to denigrate him. It would be nice to denigrate oneself because nobody forced you to go out with him during the happy days. It must be said that this will not change the situation. Above all, it must be said that such remarks do not honour you. Imagine doing the same on your back. So, ladies, be a self-respecting ex.

Take your distance
Although most girls consider their sweetheart as their best friend, when a relationship comes to an end, one must be able to distance oneself. The phrase “stay friendly” does not always make sense, especially when you are together, the beautiful memories could arise and you melt the heart. It should not especially contact him at the slightest blow of stress. On the contrary, take a step back, and become familiar with your new life now. Failing to do that, he might think that you are addicted to him and if he has a bad mind, he could make you suffer.

Do not bother his new girlfriend
This is the most important thing to do, no girl will never love the girlfriend of her ex, because basically, ladies will always try to compare to her, for lack of objectivity. Never contact your ex to ask who he is dating, if he likes her or if she is more beautiful than you. He could take you for a mentee and be right about your breakup.

Go out, have fun and meet new people!
This is the icing on the cake! The best way to move on is to find something else! It’s as simple as that. Do not stay home, regret being dumped. Go out with your friends and meet new people.

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