lady in a wedding gown, shows up at her fiance’s workplace, forces him to marry her after 2 years of engagement

If your partner is still taken time to propose, you take the bull by the horn! Nevertheless, a lady shows up at her fiance’s workplace in a wedding dress and forces him to marry her after 2 years of engagement. The incident that went viral on social media took place at a Target store in Las Vegas.

A woman dressed in a wedding dress came to her fiance’s workplace to ask him to marry her on the spot. A remarkable boldness that some girls are afraid to take the step or initiate a move to engage their male partner. Although some ladies can engage ther partner, they can do that, reason: fear of being down. The game is 50:50, everyone can turn down the proposal.

The incident on videos taken by a TikTok user last Friday shows a woman in a wedding dress, accompanied by a bridesmaid and a pastor, parading through a Target store in Las Vegas, where the groom works. All wore face masks.

In the first video, the woman can be seen walking into the store and looking for her partner. She finds him working in one of the aisles and tells him that it’s over between them if they don’t get married.

“You put this ring on my finger two years ago, and it’s time to do it or go,” she sounds the alarm to her partner. Then, she continues… “We’re getting married now, or I’m leaving”.

“I’m done with it,” she emphasized. To make things easier, short and straightforward, “I brought a pastor, I brought Emily, she’s my bridesmaid,” she said.

At this point, she notices that the commotion is beginning to attract people, and she explains to them why she is doing this.

Her fiancé was both shocked and frightened as he tried to focus on the request upon him. The crowd applauded the woman’s bold gesture so much that the man decided to “do it”.

Since its publication, however, the second video has been viewed a thousand times.

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