Libya: 8 dead in a tribal war in the South of the country

Eight people were killed in two days in fighting between rival tribes in a southern Libyan town on Saturday, May 12, 2018.

Police sources have taken stock of the loss of life since the beginning of May. There are 31 deaths, according to the reports of AFP.

“The fighting has left at least eight dead and 18 wounded between Saturday and Sunday. Since the beginning of May, at least 31 people have died and 121 have been injured, including civilians,” an unnamed source told AFP.

Sebha, a town located more than 600 km south of Tripoli, is the subject of clashes between clans.

Since the beginning of the month, these clashes have been opposing the Arab tribe of Awlad Suleiman to Toubou living on a territory straddling Libya, northern Chad and Niger.

The tribes want control of the city, a crossroads of smuggling and oil fields. On Saturday, the troops waged a war to control the historic citadel overlooking the city.

This war that turned into a tragedy caused the death of eight people.
The United Nations in the country is very worried after this new clash. They called the different tribes to dialogue.

Libya has been torn apart by power struggles since the fall of Moamer Kadhafi’s regime in 2011.

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