Life expectancy: here are the scientists’ recommendations for extending it

Scientists in the United States have followed some 120,000 people for 34 years to determine the behaviours likely to potentiate life expectancy.

How to earn ten years of life expectancy? Nothing is simpler to believe a study conducted by Harvard scientists in the United States on the American population and published on Tuesday by the journal Circulation. They have tested more than 120,000 people for 34 years, one of the world’s largest surveys of the influence of lifestyle, food, tobacco, or alcohol on human health. Their findings now allow them to formulate 5 recommendations to earn 12 years of life expectancy for men, and 14 years for women.

-No smoking

-Do 30 minutes of exercise every day

-Do not eat too much red meat

-Eat fruits and vegetables

-Do not exceed a glass and a half of alcohol per day

These few basic recommendations should allow you to safely blow your 93rd candle if you are a woman, or your 87th year if you are a man, says this study.

Strengthen your chances. This list would tend perhaps to complex you? Do not panic, answers the professor of physiology, Jean François Toussaint, it is never too late to put oneself there. “I put the bar on the right, I change a little behaviour, I change things, and from the moment you are convinced, you win from the first day,” he explains to Europe1. “The more you associate these behaviours, and the more the effect is important,” says this specialist.

These five measures also reduce the risk of dying of heart disease by 82% and cancer by 65%.

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