Luiz Adriano’s wife: “I received death threats because I married black man”

Ekaterina Dorozhko, the Russian wife of Brazilian attacker Luiz Adriano, revealed in a message on Instagram that she was threatened with death after she tied the knot with the quadruple international. She did so in a post, also condemning the death of George Floyd.

The two met when Luiz Adriano still played in Russia at Spartak Moscow (between 2017 and 2019 he scored 25 goals and 15 assists in 79 games), but only when he started playing for Palmeiras in his home country for Dorozhko.

“Look, the Russian is back there, hahaha, some supporters shouted when I first started watching football in Brazil,” she writes with a photo showing how she hugs her husband.

“I received messages every day for a long period of time: I was threatened with death, the senders hoped my parents would get sick, and they promised to find me and beat me up. That and many other terrible things. All because I am married to a black man.”

In that post, Dorozhko expressed her sympathy for those who argue all over the world in protest at the death of George Floyd.

“My heart breaks when I see what is going on in the world. I want to thank my parents for my upbringing and for the way I am in life. I never separated people based on skin color, hair color, or status. Everyone is equal to me. Half of my family is black, and I love them, dearly. I was afraid they wouldn’t accept me because I am Russian, I have a different mentality, and my life is very different.”

“Why should there be so much cruelty among the people? Love and friendship have no color. If hell and heaven exist, hell is here on earth now. I dream that we will all become kinder and wiser because the future depends on us. I love you, dear, and I will always be by your side!” She concludes her plea with a declaration of love for her husband.

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