Manchester United: Pogba threatens to leave the club

Manchester United star Paul Pogba is set to leave Old Trafford at the end of the season if Jose Mourinho remains the Red Devils coach.

Relations between the Frenchman and José Mourinho have deteriorated in recent weeks and the player wants to abbreviate his stay at Old Trafford.

According to UK Sun, the player’s agent, Mino Raiola, reportedly contacted Real Madrid for a transfer next summer.

Real had tried in vain to sign in 2016, and according to sources, the club Madrid would be ready to sign on the next transfer window.

A Manchester United source quoted by UK Sun said: “Things are going wrong between them. Paul has made it clear that he will leave if Mourinho remains the coach of the club.

Manchester United: Pogba threatens to leave the club

The controversy between Paul Pogba and Jose Mourinho would have started when the club signed the Chilean star Alexis Sanchez, and since his arrival, Pogba has lost the favour of the club, although the two stars do not move to the same position.

The one for which Manchester United had spent 105 million euros in summer 2016, has not played 90 minutes for more than a month.

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