Megalithic ruts of prehistoric Malta, the origin of which science has not explained

The whole island is rutted with ruts, which in some places go underwater. It seems that Malta was once a race track, on which, over the centuries, were held races of gigantic chariots.

Science still can not explain how these tracks appeared. Neither the Greek nor the Phoenician settlers could have left these traces. Their graves were found already on top of the tracks.

Scientists have tried to guess that these tracks were left by carts that transported stone blocks to build megalithic temples (there are many of them in Malta). But, firstly, according to official science, the wheel had not yet been invented, and secondly, the tracks go not only to megaliths scattered throughout the island.

That leaves the aliens, the gods, and the Atlanteans. One of them did their best. Or maybe all of them together?

What do you think of mystery?

The coast of Malta is cliffs, caves, and underground labyrinths. In one of the caves, near the fishing village of Marsashlock, they found a cemetery of extinct animals. Bones of ancient birds, turtles, hippos and elephants in several layers in one place.

It is possible that an isthmus once connected Malta with Sicily, and large animals could freely enter the island. But they did not make their own cemetery in this cave. So, someone collected their remains. Who, when, and for what purpose – is unknown.

And there are many such mysteries in Malta and the neighboring island of Gozo.

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