Mercedes virtual assistant has strong opinions about Tesla

Mercedes-Benz is proud of its MBUX system with speech function. The system sometimes also gives special answers, for example, when asked what it thinks of the American brand Tesla.

More and more cars are equipped with a virtual voice assistant

, to which you can ask questions about your car. Nowadays, the possibilities go even further because anyone who has other questions will also receive an answer.

For example, a video by a TikTok user shows a Mercedes driver driving his car down a street and activating his voice control by saying: “Hey Mercedes! What do you think of Tesla?” The vehicle answers quite self-consciously: “Same as you. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be sitting here.”

It is not the only car brand to which the virtual assistant of Mercedes reacts laughably. The BMW system, for example, is quite beautiful: “I especially like to look at them through my rear-view mirror”, it sounds. And when you ask the system to tell a joke, it sometimes says, “Sorry I can’t, my engineers were Germans”, noted german website, Ad.

Hard-core Tesla fans can’t all laugh at the joke and defend the American electric car maker by noting that Mercedes still has some catching up to do, at least when it comes to electric mobility.

However, Mercedes indicates on the site that it is on its way to sustainable mobility and that by 2022 it wants to obtain its electricity worldwide from renewable sources only.

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