Merkel praises the pact as a “milestone” in the approach to migration

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has described the UN Migration Pact adopted in Moroccan Marrakesh as a “milestone” in developing an international approach to migration.

Merkel, together with Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel, was one of the few European government leaders in Marrakesh. Other European countries sent ministers or state secretaries, or their cat. As is known, Europe is divided over the pact. During her speech Merkel said that the agreement is a big step in the fight against smugglers. Migration is a normal phenomenon according to Merkel. “And if it is legal, it is good too.”

According to Merkel, countries such as Germany can derive their benefits from economic migration. She added that individual countries can not only address the international migration problem, but only with the entire international community.

Merkel admitted that illegal migration raises great fears, but added that “these fears are being used today by the opponents of this pact by putting inaccurate reporting into circulation”.

World War II

The German Chancellor also referred to German history in her speech in Marrakesh. National Socialism in the Second World War brought Germany an infinite amount of suffering to humanity. “The answer to purely nationalism was the establishment of the United Nations and the recognition together to find solutions to issues that concern us all.”

The speech of the German Chancellor was received in an enthusiastic applause in Marrakesh. Merkel held the speech at the summit where the pact was passed. Well 150 countries attended the summit. It is only about a week that the pact is really accepted, during a general meeting of the UN in New York.

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