Microsoft plans to buy TikTok

The American software company Microsoft is in talks with the Chinese owner of the popular app TikTok reports The New York Times. US President Donald Trump would like to force the Chinese owner to sell his popular app one of the coming days. Bloomberg writes this based on insiders.

The US government has been researching the popular TikTok among teenagers for a while, on which users can post short films. The United States sees this as a threat to national security because ByteDance collects so much information about American citizens. According to the Americans, that information may be passed on to the Chinese government.

“We’re looking at TikTok, we can ban it,” President Trump told a few reporters on Friday. “We can also do other things, and there are different options. But a lot is happening, so we’ll see what happens. We are investigating various alternatives when it comes to TikTok,” he said.

According to insiders, Microsoft is now conducting talks to get hold of TikTok’s American activities. It is not known how much the Windows maker is willing to put down for the social network.

TikTok competitor Snapchat seems to be able to take advantage of measures against the Chinese app. The price of parent company Snapchat rose on the stock exchange.

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