Bhadie Kelly: Togolese Tiktok star who turns men’s heads (video)

Internet users, especially men, do not stop drooling in front of the star of TikTok with chocolate skin and beautiful curves, Bhadie Kelly, whose videos seem to them breathtaking.

Who is Bhadie Kelly?

The Tiktokeuse is a young Togolese living in the United States. She is currently receiving immeasurable flowers and praise from men and is known for her short tweeting videos on TikTok while wearing s3xy and tight-fitting outfits that showcase her curves.

Lately, Kelly has become popular on the internet following one of her viral twerking videos, and men continue to demand more videos.

Kelly, who is identified on the video-sharing app as @bhadie.kellyy, started making such videos in November 2021, and following the hype from male internet users, she has grown from around 300,000 subscribers to over 900,000 subscribers. While men appreciate and applaud her videos and body, some women don’t seem to be comfortable with Kelly’s drastic media domination.

Currently, Kelly has more than a million views on her TikTok videos. Watch a compilation of some of her videos below…

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