Minutes after his release, still in prison parking lot, he steals again

American Casey Michael Lewis was a free man for 15 minutes before he was allowed to go to his cell again. The 37-year-old had not even left the parking lot of the prison, where he saw his chance to immediately steal again.

On Thursday, Lewis was admitted to the St. Lucie County Detention Facility in Fort Piece, Florida, where he had been detained for theft. But he clearly cannot resist stealing.

In the parking lot of the prison, he looked curiously into different cars and he also sat down for a few minutes in a silver car that he had gotten into. He then walked around a little further in the parking lot and checked with other cars whether the doors were locked.

A cop came to take a look and was told that the man was “waiting for his girlfriend”. But then the cop’s eye fell on the brown bag in the hand of the former prisoner. It contained a lot of captured items, including an iPhone 7, four packs of cigarettes, a lighter, a Visa card, a driver’s license and $547 cash.

The officer immediately escorted Lewis back to prison. He has been officially charged with the car theft and was allowed to use the deposit again later in the day. Then the prison staff made sure someone came to pick him up immediately so that he would not accidentally wander around the parking lot again. He may later explain his bizarre punch to the judge.

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