Meteor crashes over Florida and illuminates the entire environment

Above the city of Gainesville, in the US state of Florida, a green meteor has been spotted. Many drivers managed to film the scene with their dash cam.

The national weather station in Tallahassee picked up the meteor via a device to detect flashes of light. This is normally used to search for lightning bolts during a storm.

The weather station is still investigating where the meteor has landed and whether there is any damage. It is possible that during the descent the meteor broke into pieces and therefore had no impact.

It is not unusual for a meteor to crash in the United States. What is rare is that the meteor is so brightly colored. Earlier in March a fireball was spotted above Tennessee. The flash of light was visible throughout the region.

Meteor crashes over Florida and illuminates the entire environment

At the beginning of February another meteor exploded over Cuba. A few debris crashed on the earth, but nobody was injured. The explosion could be heard all the way to southern Florida.

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